Update notes 28.11.18

Update notes 28.11.18

Category : Updates

Dear Players,

Our developers have worked tirelessly this week and were able to produce our biggest changelog yet:

* Fixed a bug with ‘bulk’ and ‘bag’ command where stacked item would sell as 1
* Fixed cooking skill check
* Fixed cooked items which should stack not stacking.
* Simplified the cooking code in relation to cooking multiple items at once.
* Animals now require animal lore to succesfully control well.
* Animals now exit war mode when told to stop successfully.
* Mounts now exit war mode when mounted.
* Provocation is now working
* All spells now consume correct reagents. Following spells were fixed:
– Magic Untrap
– Fireball
– Unlock
– Lightning
– Explosion
– Summon Water Elemental
* Fixed the incognito spell:
– You will now get back your correct hair and beard (if any)
– You will not get immovable cut hair remains in backpack anymore when getting a shaved haircut
– You will not get bugged at logoff (haircut, beard and name sticks to you forever)
* Arms Lore now reports correctly quality for high level items.
* Casting spells with less than required mana will now cause it to fail.
* Adjustment to spell casting order to improve handling and hopefully eliminate the casting property locking players out of casting spells.
* Teleport spell no longer uses the stupid coin method to find out if a multi exists in that location.
* Fishing tattered maps and sos bottles will not longer give the message “Nice, you found an <uninitialized object>.”(gewijzigd)
* Sea serpents may now spawn while fishing. Beware! They will attack you.
* East Britain now is fully spawned. New merchants added:
– Baker
– Banker
– Bowyer
– Herbalist
– x2 Mages
– Jeweler
* Fishing: near by sea monster will eat your fish before you catch it.
* Fishing: added original nl magical effects.
* Skill gaining adjustments has been made. This will ease the gain of some skills.
* Camping has been adjusted. You can not light up stacks and there is no delay between doing so.
* Tamed animals will now join you when you enter dungeons or recall somewhere unless you specifically told the animal(s) to ‘stop’ or ‘stay’
* You will now see a message of what you catch while fishing (instead of ‘an interesting item’)
* Changes have been made to how we run/update the production server which will equate to some bug fixes being able to be implemented sooner rather than weekly. (Reboots will still be left weekly at this stage).
* Removed debug message from inscription
Inscription now consumes mana and reagents on every attempt.

Happy reading! We hope to see you ingame!

Head Gamemaster Kloede

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