Update notes 24.10.18

Update notes 24.10.18

Category : Updates

Here’s this weeks changelog:

  • All level 1 rares now functional (fixed shrooms)
  • All level 2 rares now functional (fixed shroom and weeds)
  • All level 3 rares now functional (fixed bong and ecstasy)
  • Paint and Paintbrush are now functional
  • Keyrings are now newbied
  • Debug mode disabled again (oops :))
  • Carpentry items now match difficulty of skill required
  • Cooking now fixed
  • Local and regional maps now functional
  • Neverlands sparkles now work, but will not be used until we spawn the newbie dungeon
  • Banker’s speech commands fixed.

Thanks for playing! We hope to see you ingame.

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