Update notes 21.11.18

Update notes 21.11.18

Category : Updates

Hello everyone. Here’s this week’s changelog:

* Alchemy is now 100% working.
* Parry now increases for the correct person.
* Changes to bowcraft difficulties for some items to smooth out skill gain transitions.
* Kegs are now working properly
* Tmasters does not affect NPCs anymore
* Runebooks, Headbooks, Blue Runebooks and Spellbooks will now not give you a key
* Special armor wasn’t taking into consideration existing attribute mods.
* Fixed bug where removing sillimantite would set your attribute mods to -5 rather than 5 less that current.
* All fishes are now cutable (magical ones included)
* Fishermen and provisioners now buys all fishes (including magical ones)
* Veterinary is now functional
* .test_nick is no longer available for players
* You need to be within 3 tile-range to use begging on an NPC now
* Bakers now sell cookbooks and a few recipes

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you ingame.

Head GM Kloede

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