Update notes 20.12.18

Update notes 20.12.18

Category : Updates

Hi all, here’s this week’s changelog:

* Tool wear is now correctly calculated for mining items.
* The amount of uses of tools has increased.
* Above 95 skill now only has a 15 chance to damage tool during use.
* You can no longer tame already tame animals.
* Fixed stats being able to be dropped below 10
* Adjustments to snooping difficulty and gain calculations.
* Fixed a bug where you could lumberjack any tree without distance check
* Increased the vendor buy price of cooked fish steaks from 1gp to 3gp each
* Fixed interval duration for how often you can beg the same NPC. It is now randomly between 20-60 minutes per NPC.
* Removed a debug message from the agility spell.
* Rare flowers that spawn in loot will now be movable.
* Rare flowers now have an even rarer change to spawn glowing
* Necromancer scrolls now in loot.
* Updated reagents that are found in loot.
* New necromancer merchant (still needs to be spawned)

Whilst the scrolls can be collected they can’t currently be cast and will be unlocked 1 by 1 once full functionality is confirmed

Thanks for playing!


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