Category : Updates

Hi all! Here’s today’s updates, they mostly contain bug fixes:

– AOS weaponry can now be sold to vendors
– Eating will now decrease hunger level
– Trees give around 60logs per tree now
– Tinkering now accepts clay as a building material
– All items created through tinkering can now be sold to a merchant
– Traps can now be made in tinkering
– Durability of items created should now be fixed
– Axe durability was boosted
– Pickaxe durability was decreased
– Fixed an issue where leaving the jewel equipped would screw up your base skill
– Fixed an issue where armor effects would ‘stick’ even if the armor was not worn
– Merchants now no longer resell player made items
– Fixed ‘Object does not support members’ issue

The list of known bugs ingame has now been shortened down to three known issues. Very soon we will start adding content and balancing the mechanics ingame right now. Thanks for all the support so far! If you know of any friends that might be interested in joining this shard, please invite them!

Thanks for reading,

Gamemaster Kloede

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