Update Notes 17.10.18

Update Notes 17.10.18

Category : Updates

Good evening! Sorry to keep you all waiting. We’ve skipped the update last week, in order to make the list longer for this week. Here’s today’s changelog:

  • server updated to latest POL version
  • Brigands no longer display an errortext, and now equip weapons
  • Flyers (rare) now working
  • Monsters will now kill your mount and loot your corpse when you die
  • Adjusted AI settings for all monsters
  • Alchemists will now vendor train alchemy
  • Alchemy will now consume the proper ingredients
  • Treasure chests are now trapped and inflicts damage according to treasure level
  • Correct amount of guardians will now spawn when digging up a treasure chest
  • All the guardians will now have to be killed in order to open a treasure chest
  • Added a few new staff commands
  • Adjusted gains for animal taming
  • Fixed protection check in magic clothes
  • Re-enabled protection spell
  • Fixed a bug where it would take a few seconds for an npc to attack

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you ingame!

Head Gamemaster Kloede

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