Update Notes 12.09.18

Update Notes 12.09.18

Category : Updates


  • Fixed cure bug.
  • Vendor now sells bandages for 3gp each


  • Creating lockable containers will now give the user a key for it
  • Updated the tinker menu to remove the test menu.
  • tinkering can now be trained with iron


  • Fix shovel use to check correct treasure map objtype.


  • Fixed the field spells

Animal Taming

  • Stable masters should now be able to vendor train taming.
  • Rare mounts can be stabled.


  • 80 Magery and 80 Tailoring is now required to make magical clothes


  • Increased amount of logs per tree.


  • Added Lobster traps to catch lobsters and crabs (only useable in deepwater)
  • Added New fishes for shallow, deep and dungeon water
  • Catch fish based on water types (shallow and deepwater)
  • Different items can be found in different waters(shallow and deepwater)
  • Dungeon water have not been added yet so there is no different fishing in dungeon water vs shallow


  • You can now place boats.


  • Added alchemists and herbalist to Minoc Town
  • arrows will now autostack when crafted
  • thunting should be functional
  • fixed a bug where skill would sometimes deny special ore
  • fixed some scripts that were causing extra load
  • removed idle gump
  • Corrected the Veterinary path
  • Changes weight on wooden crates
  • Allow stats to decrease and work in sync with .level
  • Removed “First letter”-message from crafting
  • Dont close the level gump when you change state of an attribute

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