Category : Updates

Hi everyone! Here’s this week’s update notes:

* Fix for mining returning unknown ore type.
* Merchant quests are now working. The following Merchant Quest NPC’s are implemented:
– Blacksmith Quest NPC
– Tinker Quest NPC
– Tailor Quest NPC
– Carpenter Quest NPC
– Fletcher Quest NPC
– Inscription Quest NPC
* Slayer quests are now working.
* Magic arrow now consumes sulph ash instead of nightshade and black pearl.
* Fixed skill gaining issues with Musicianship
* Fixed a skill gaining bug which allowed some skills to gain quicker instead of slower the higher skill you had.
* Fixed a stat gaining issue which allowed stats to gain rapidly at lower values. You will notice a decrease in stat advancement from 1-70.
* Fixed skill gaining issues with Animal lore
* Fixed skill gaining issues with Anatomy
* New spawn system
* Fix for assembled items not stacking as intended, this would be things like arrows which require multiple components.
* Stopped blue wisps from attacking players unless they are criminals or murderers.
* Peacemade animals will now not follow you, and will just wander for some time after being peace made unless attacked.
* Bowcraft gains have been adjusted

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you ingame.

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