As every shard does, we also have a set of rules we ask all our players to respect when playing on Neverlands Legacy. They are as follows:

  1. No AFK macroing
  2. No trapping of other players in places where no escape is possible from.
  3. No res-killing. Protecting the corpse of your kill is allowed if the player comes back to reclaim his lost possessions.
  4. Bug abusing = BAN. We highly recommend reporting any found bugs. It helps us improve the shard.
  5. Player and guild names cannot mimic Staff names or titles.
  6. Multiple accounts on the same IP have to be reported to a Gamemaster who will check if you are actually two separate people.
  7. No criminal actions in Storm Haven.
  8. House placement cannot block roads, pathways, access to dungeons or farmlands. On top of that Houses can only be placed outside guardzones.
  9. Player vendors can only be used to sell items, any other use is prohibited and will result in the vendor being killed with no compensation for lost items.
  10. Player vendors can only be placed on or by the house. The house and vendor should belong to the same person. The exception to this rule is that it can be placed at another house if the house owner has given permission to place the vendor.
  11. .Barter can only be used for the buying or selling of items.
  12. Always follow staff instruction and don’t be an asshole to them

Lastly it is highly recommended not to be an asshole overall. Racism and hatespeech are intolerable and will be dealt with swiftly.

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