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Tailoring is used to craft cloth wearables as well as leather armor. This is a useful crafting skill to have because it allows the player to create armors for mages. On top of that, Tailoring is used to craft magic clothing. In order to create magical clothing, at least 80 tailoring and 80 magery is required.

The recommended path to train tailoring is as follows:

33-41 fancy shirts
41-55 doublet
55-60 cloak
60-70 robe
70-75 Leather Skirt
75-85 Leather Leggings
85-90 Studded Gorget
90-100 Studded Leggings

Disclaimer: This route guarantees gmming a crafting skill, but ignores the availability of the needed resources. There’s likely to be a more resource-efficient route to GM, but you will have to research that yourself.

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