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Ore/Ingot Name Required Skill Special Armor Effect
Iron None
Talc None
Muscovity +5 Intelligence
Calcity +5 Strength
Bronze Resist Fire
Icerock Resist Lightning
Fluorite None
Dull Copper None
Platinum None
Pyroxene Immune to Firebreath
Orthoclase None
Copper Reduce Ingot Loss
Kyanite Bonus to Taming
Spectral Hear Ghosts
Sillimanite +5 to All Stats
Onyx Bonus to Stealth
Olivine None
Pyrite Nightsight
Quartz Faster Healing
Malachite Mage Armor
Garnet Resist Fireball
Azurite Chance for Magic Reflect
Tourmaline Immune to Poison
Topaz Greater Chance to Resurrect
Augite None
Hematite Resist Flamestrike
Dolerite Drain Stamina
Obsidean Drain Mana
Corundum Reactive Armor Drains Mana
Nexus Reactive Armor Drains Stamina
Titan Reactive Armor Drains Mana and Stamina


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