How to join using OrionUO

If you haven’t downloaded orion yet, you can download it here: In order to connect to our shard please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your orion is up to date, If it doesn’t update then make sure you run the orion launcher as administrator. If everything is up to date you’ll have the following screen:
  2.  Next step is to set the path to your UO installation, click the three dots to open explorer and set the path to where your UO is currently installed:
  3. The next step is to configure the correct client version. Click “configure client version” and set the following client. Click “create config” to confirm:
  4. Now we have to enter the shard’s IP and port (,7003) and add the server to your accounts list:
  5.  You are now ready to enjoy our shard using OrionUO. Simply click the launcher tab and click Launch to use the OrionUO to play on Neverlands Legacy!

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