Halloween Event 2018

Halloween Event 2018

Category : General information

Halloween Event 2018 Trick or Treat items can be obtained by simply walking up to an NPC and say “Trick or Treat”. Beware – NPC’s may opt to play a trick on players instead of giving them a treat. If a character has Grandmaster (100.0 skill) Begging there is a small chance to receive a special treat from previous years rewarded to Grandmaster Beggars for roughly 1% of the time.
but since we have jewels, +0,20 for each:
100 – 1%
105 – 1,20%
110 – 1,40%
115 – 1,60%
120 – 1.80%
125 – 2%

Current Normal Treat list:
Nougat Swirl
Wrapped Candy
Lollipop in random flavor of Cherry, Lime or Orange

Special Treat List:
To be discovered

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