How to join NLL100

If you already have everything installed, all you need is our ip address (,7003) And you will be able to connect.

If you do not have anything installed, please ensure you follow the steps in order to join Neverlands Legacy.

1. Download the UO client, It can be found here:
2. Get our custom files, and extract them in your UO folder: nll custom files. These files are essential for playing on Neverlands Legacy, they contain colors and special tiles used on the shard.
3. You can now choose a 3rd party program that you want to utilize. There’s three choices: Razor, UOSteam and Orion.

They can be downloaded using the following links:

If you don’t know how to configure these programs check the following guides, or drop by in discord for help:
How To Join using Razor
How To Join using UOSteam
How To Join using Orion

Account creation is automatic on Neverlands Legacy. However if there’s problems you can always hit us up on the discord. The Neverlands team wishes you tons of fun ingame, and hope to see you soon!

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