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Update notes 20.12.18

Category : Updates

Hi all, here’s this week’s changelog:

* Tool wear is now correctly calculated for mining items.
* The amount of uses of tools has increased.
* Above 95 skill now only has a 15 chance to damage tool during use.
* You can no longer tame already tame animals.
* Fixed stats being able to be dropped below 10
* Adjustments to snooping difficulty and gain calculations.
* Fixed a bug where you could lumberjack any tree without distance check
* Increased the vendor buy price of cooked fish steaks from 1gp to 3gp each
* Fixed interval duration for how often you can beg the same NPC. It is now randomly between 20-60 minutes per NPC.
* Removed a debug message from the agility spell.
* Rare flowers that spawn in loot will now be movable.
* Rare flowers now have an even rarer change to spawn glowing
* Necromancer scrolls now in loot.
* Updated reagents that are found in loot.
* New necromancer merchant (still needs to be spawned)

Whilst the scrolls can be collected they can’t currently be cast and will be unlocked 1 by 1 once full functionality is confirmed

Thanks for playing!


Update notes 28.11.18

Category : Updates

Dear Players,

Our developers have worked tirelessly this week and were able to produce our biggest changelog yet:

* Fixed a bug with ‘bulk’ and ‘bag’ command where stacked item would sell as 1
* Fixed cooking skill check
* Fixed cooked items which should stack not stacking.
* Simplified the cooking code in relation to cooking multiple items at once.
* Animals now require animal lore to succesfully control well.
* Animals now exit war mode when told to stop successfully.
* Mounts now exit war mode when mounted.
* Provocation is now working
* All spells now consume correct reagents. Following spells were fixed:
– Magic Untrap
– Fireball
– Unlock
– Lightning
– Explosion
– Summon Water Elemental
* Fixed the incognito spell:
– You will now get back your correct hair and beard (if any)
– You will not get immovable cut hair remains in backpack anymore when getting a shaved haircut
– You will not get bugged at logoff (haircut, beard and name sticks to you forever)
* Arms Lore now reports correctly quality for high level items.
* Casting spells with less than required mana will now cause it to fail.
* Adjustment to spell casting order to improve handling and hopefully eliminate the casting property locking players out of casting spells.
* Teleport spell no longer uses the stupid coin method to find out if a multi exists in that location.
* Fishing tattered maps and sos bottles will not longer give the message “Nice, you found an <uninitialized object>.”(gewijzigd)
* Sea serpents may now spawn while fishing. Beware! They will attack you.
* East Britain now is fully spawned. New merchants added:
– Baker
– Banker
– Bowyer
– Herbalist
– x2 Mages
– Jeweler
* Fishing: near by sea monster will eat your fish before you catch it.
* Fishing: added original nl magical effects.
* Skill gaining adjustments has been made. This will ease the gain of some skills.
* Camping has been adjusted. You can not light up stacks and there is no delay between doing so.
* Tamed animals will now join you when you enter dungeons or recall somewhere unless you specifically told the animal(s) to ‘stop’ or ‘stay’
* You will now see a message of what you catch while fishing (instead of ‘an interesting item’)
* Changes have been made to how we run/update the production server which will equate to some bug fixes being able to be implemented sooner rather than weekly. (Reboots will still be left weekly at this stage).
* Removed debug message from inscription
Inscription now consumes mana and reagents on every attempt.

Happy reading! We hope to see you ingame!

Head Gamemaster Kloede

Update notes 21.11.18

Category : Updates

Hello everyone. Here’s this week’s changelog:

* Alchemy is now 100% working.
* Parry now increases for the correct person.
* Changes to bowcraft difficulties for some items to smooth out skill gain transitions.
* Kegs are now working properly
* Tmasters does not affect NPCs anymore
* Runebooks, Headbooks, Blue Runebooks and Spellbooks will now not give you a key
* Special armor wasn’t taking into consideration existing attribute mods.
* Fixed bug where removing sillimantite would set your attribute mods to -5 rather than 5 less that current.
* All fishes are now cutable (magical ones included)
* Fishermen and provisioners now buys all fishes (including magical ones)
* Veterinary is now functional
* .test_nick is no longer available for players
* You need to be within 3 tile-range to use begging on an NPC now
* Bakers now sell cookbooks and a few recipes

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you ingame.

Head GM Kloede


Category : Updates

Hi everyone! Here’s this week’s update notes:

* Fix for mining returning unknown ore type.
* Merchant quests are now working. The following Merchant Quest NPC’s are implemented:
– Blacksmith Quest NPC
– Tinker Quest NPC
– Tailor Quest NPC
– Carpenter Quest NPC
– Fletcher Quest NPC
– Inscription Quest NPC
* Slayer quests are now working.
* Magic arrow now consumes sulph ash instead of nightshade and black pearl.
* Fixed skill gaining issues with Musicianship
* Fixed a skill gaining bug which allowed some skills to gain quicker instead of slower the higher skill you had.
* Fixed a stat gaining issue which allowed stats to gain rapidly at lower values. You will notice a decrease in stat advancement from 1-70.
* Fixed skill gaining issues with Animal lore
* Fixed skill gaining issues with Anatomy
* New spawn system
* Fix for assembled items not stacking as intended, this would be things like arrows which require multiple components.
* Stopped blue wisps from attacking players unless they are criminals or murderers.
* Peacemade animals will now not follow you, and will just wander for some time after being peace made unless attacked.
* Bowcraft gains have been adjusted

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you ingame.

Update notes 24.10.18

Category : Updates

Here’s this weeks changelog:

  • All level 1 rares now functional (fixed shrooms)
  • All level 2 rares now functional (fixed shroom and weeds)
  • All level 3 rares now functional (fixed bong and ecstasy)
  • Paint and Paintbrush are now functional
  • Keyrings are now newbied
  • Debug mode disabled again (oops :))
  • Carpentry items now match difficulty of skill required
  • Cooking now fixed
  • Local and regional maps now functional
  • Neverlands sparkles now work, but will not be used until we spawn the newbie dungeon
  • Banker’s speech commands fixed.

Thanks for playing! We hope to see you ingame.

Update Notes 17.10.18

Category : Updates

Good evening! Sorry to keep you all waiting. We’ve skipped the update last week, in order to make the list longer for this week. Here’s today’s changelog:

  • server updated to latest POL version
  • Brigands no longer display an errortext, and now equip weapons
  • Flyers (rare) now working
  • Monsters will now kill your mount and loot your corpse when you die
  • Adjusted AI settings for all monsters
  • Alchemists will now vendor train alchemy
  • Alchemy will now consume the proper ingredients
  • Treasure chests are now trapped and inflicts damage according to treasure level
  • Correct amount of guardians will now spawn when digging up a treasure chest
  • All the guardians will now have to be killed in order to open a treasure chest
  • Added a few new staff commands
  • Adjusted gains for animal taming
  • Fixed protection check in magic clothes
  • Re-enabled protection spell
  • Fixed a bug where it would take a few seconds for an npc to attack

Thanks for reading! We hope to see you ingame!

Head Gamemaster Kloede

update notes 03.10.18

Category : Updates

Hi all! Here’s todays update notes:

– Barter delay changed to classic five minutes
– Robes can now be sold to tailors and weavers
– Spellcasting NPCs now cure and heal themselves
– Begging has been enabled
– You can now change the master key of a house
– Added 3 new staff commands

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you ingame.

Head Gamemaster Kloede

Update Notes 27.09.2018

Category : Updates

Good morning all! Here’s the update of 27.08.2018:

– Mounted animals will not get untamed while being offline
– You can now use the command “bulk” to sell all instances of a specific item in your backpack
– You can now use the command “bag” to sell all items within a bag
– Bloodstained now gives elemental resistances
– Stealing has been enabled

it’s been a smaller one this time, most of the bugs have been ironed out and new content is being worked on now. Thanks for playing with us! We hope to see you ingame.

-Head Gamemaster Kloede


Category : Updates

Hi all! Here’s today’s updates, they mostly contain bug fixes:

– AOS weaponry can now be sold to vendors
– Eating will now decrease hunger level
– Trees give around 60logs per tree now
– Tinkering now accepts clay as a building material
– All items created through tinkering can now be sold to a merchant
– Traps can now be made in tinkering
– Durability of items created should now be fixed
– Axe durability was boosted
– Pickaxe durability was decreased
– Fixed an issue where leaving the jewel equipped would screw up your base skill
– Fixed an issue where armor effects would ‘stick’ even if the armor was not worn
– Merchants now no longer resell player made items
– Fixed ‘Object does not support members’ issue

The list of known bugs ingame has now been shortened down to three known issues. Very soon we will start adding content and balancing the mechanics ingame right now. Thanks for all the support so far! If you know of any friends that might be interested in joining this shard, please invite them!

Thanks for reading,

Gamemaster Kloede

Update Notes 12.09.18

Category : Updates


  • Fixed cure bug.
  • Vendor now sells bandages for 3gp each


  • Creating lockable containers will now give the user a key for it
  • Updated the tinker menu to remove the test menu.
  • tinkering can now be trained with iron


  • Fix shovel use to check correct treasure map objtype.


  • Fixed the field spells

Animal Taming

  • Stable masters should now be able to vendor train taming.
  • Rare mounts can be stabled.


  • 80 Magery and 80 Tailoring is now required to make magical clothes


  • Increased amount of logs per tree.


  • Added Lobster traps to catch lobsters and crabs (only useable in deepwater)
  • Added New fishes for shallow, deep and dungeon water
  • Catch fish based on water types (shallow and deepwater)
  • Different items can be found in different waters(shallow and deepwater)
  • Dungeon water have not been added yet so there is no different fishing in dungeon water vs shallow


  • You can now place boats.


  • Added alchemists and herbalist to Minoc Town
  • arrows will now autostack when crafted
  • thunting should be functional
  • fixed a bug where skill would sometimes deny special ore
  • fixed some scripts that were causing extra load
  • removed idle gump
  • Corrected the Veterinary path
  • Changes weight on wooden crates
  • Allow stats to decrease and work in sync with .level
  • Removed “First letter”-message from crafting
  • Dont close the level gump when you change state of an attribute

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