Update Notes 30.08.18

Update Notes 30.08.18

Category : Updates

Removed – the use of AR and AR calculation.
Added – the use of Physical Damage and Physical Damage calculation.
Character status bar will now show Physical Resistance instead of AR

Bug Fixes
Npcs will not longer create a corpse when killed by a town guard.

Arch Curse – Delay 1s → 1.25s
Blade Spirit – Delay 7.5s → 6s
Summon Creature – Delay 7.5s → 6s
Summon Air Elemental – Delay 8.25s → 2.25s
Summon Daemon – Delay 8.25s → 2.25s
Summon Earth Elemental – Delay 8.25s → 2.25s
Summon Fire Elemental – Delay 8.25s → 2.25s
Summon Water Elemental – Delay 8.25s → 2.25s
Summon Air Elemental are now working

Updated pol to latest build version.
Added – Automatic reminder for players who have not voted for the day.

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